Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Holy Prelate meets Pope Paul VI part 3


…”You need say only one word to the bishops: receive fraternally, with understanding and charity, all those groups of traditionalists, all those who wish to keep the prayer of former days, the sacraments as before, the catechism as before, receive them, give them places of worship, settle with them, so that they can pray and remain in relation with you, in intimate relation with their bishops. You need say only one word to the bishops and everything will return to order and at that moment we shall have no more problems. Things will return to order. As for the seminary, I myself shall have no difficulty in going to the bishops and asking them to implant my priests in their dioceses: things will be done normally. I myself am very willing to renew relations with a commission you could name from the Congregation of Religious to come to the Seminary. But clearly we shall keep and wish to continue the practice of Tradition. We should be allowed to maintain that practice. But I want to return to normal and official relations with the Holy See and with the Congregations. Beyond that I want nothing”.

He then said to me “I Must reflect, I must pray, I must consult the Consistory, I must consult the Curia. I cannot give you an answer. We shall see.” After that he said to me “We will pray together” I said “Most willingly, Holy Father”. We then said the Pater Noster, Veni Creator, and an Ave Maria, and he then led me back very pleasantly, but with difficulty – his walk was painful, and he dragged his legs a little. In the room to the side he waited until Don Domenico came for me; and he had a small medal given to Don Domenico. We then left….

…The Holy Father had said in the course of the conversation: “Well at least we have a point in common: we both want to stop all these abuses that exist at present in the Church, so as to give back to the Church Her true countenance, etc…” I answered “Yes absolutely”

…”I do not know Holy Father if you know that there are twenty three official Eucharistic prayers in France”. He raised his arms to heaven and said “Many more, Monsignor, many more!” So then I said to him: “But, if there are many more, if even so, you add another, I do not see how that can harm the Church. Is it a mortal sin to keep up Tradition and do what the Church has always done?”

…Yes but the whole problem is there. In so far as the new Church separates itself from the old Church we cannot follow it. That is the position, and that is why we maintain Tradition, we keep firmly to Tradition; and I am sure we are being of immense service to the Church. I should say that the Econe Seminary is basic to the battle we are waging. It is the Church’s battle, and it is with that idea we should position ourselves.

“You are against me” said the Holy Father. “I am not against you, I am against what separates us from Tradition; I am against what draws us towards Protestantism, towards Modernism.”

Apologia Marcel lefbvre part one Michael Davies

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