Friday, 7 August 2009

Post 3 The Mass

Post 7 August 2009.

The Mass
There is no apostolate without contemplation. Contemplation is not necessarily for the cloister. It is the Christian Life: a life of Faith and the realities of our Faith. The great reality to contemplate is the Holy Mass. This is what must characterize the members of the Society: contemplating Our Lord on the cross and seeing there the summit of God’s love, a love even unto supreme sacrifice. That is where Our Lord is. This is what the Church contemplates primarily…

And by this we will be missionaries: by the desire to pour out the blood of Our Lord on souls. This is the Mysterium fidei to contemplate and to work for, the priestly mission par excellence. And the faithful gather around us because of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and for nothing else.
We must have total trust in the position we have taken because it is the Church’s attitude. It is not mine, it is not that of Archbishop Lefebvre, it is that of the Church. One day or another the rest will all collapse.

Conference Dec 3 1982

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