Saturday, 29 August 2009

Post 5 Tradition

Post 5 – Tradition.

“Fight for the maintenance of Tradition and fight fearlessly. Above all we must strive, we must fight. Above all we must strive to preserve the rite of our Holy Mass because it is the foundation of the Church and of Christian civilization. If there were no longer a true Mass in the Church the Church would disappear.”

"The defense of his Faith is the first duty of every Christian, more especially of every priest and bishop. Wherever an order carries with it danger of corrupting Faith and Morals, ‘disobedience’ becomes a grave duty. It is because we believe that our whole faith is endangered by the post-conciliar reforms and changes that it is our duty to ‘disobey’ and to maintain Traditions. The greatest service we can render the Catholic Church, the successor of Peter, the salvation of souls and of our own, is to say no to the reformed liberal Church, because we believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God made man, who is neither liberal nor reformable.”

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